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My name is Tamara but feel free to call me Tami if you prefer.

I would like to tell you a little about myself and why working with me will be an experience like no other. 

First of all, I am super fun - and who doesn't want to work with someone who enjoys life and laughter?  Secondly, I have loads of experience and have helped countless professionals advance their careers AND make more money.

My status is unique, in that I still work on Wall Street, which not only keeps me in touch with the ever-changing workplace, but also provides me with relevant context. Throughout the span of my twenty-plus year career, I’ve held various positions across multiple top-tier investment banks and have all the knowledge and skills that only a long-standing career could offer. But, blah, blah, blah….

Yes, of course decades of industry experience have honed my business expertise, but my greatest insights have come from personal growth fostered by the professional challenges that I’ve endured. My own missteps, which at times nearly cost me my career, taught me some harsh but valuable lessons. I have survived every market downturn and emerged most victorious during episodes of greatest upheaval. The road hasn’t been easy but through relentless perseverance and humility, I was able to thrive and prosper.

But lately, that hasn’t been enough to fulfill me.

Experience has changed my perspective and I now realize that our true value comes from the service we can provide to others and there are few things more gratifying. It is time to help the next generation rise and those who are interested can benefit from the wisdom. also believe it is time to pass along along that I know to the next generation who So now, with a heightened sense of awareness and a keen understanding of people, I am offering the insights and perspectives that have been taught to me by my experiences. I look forward to working with you.

Ciao for now,