Coaching Designed for Your Career & Business Needs!

Tamara’s coaching and consulting services are designed to bring your career to the next level, understanding that it can be difficult to determine which next steps in your career to take to achieve your ultimate goals. With Tamara’s coaching and consulting, you will be guided towards implementing sustainable changes in your professional career or your business to produce tangible results.

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Elevate Your Career

Don’t let your boss decide your raise and bonus and take control of your career starting NOW. It is time to prove to your manager that you deserve a wage increase, and Tamara is here to prepare you for that conversation.

Through Elevate Your Career in 90 Days, you will be apart of weekly group coaching discussions to prepare you how to master the year-end performance process.


Career Coaching

Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or would like to advance in your current role, Career Coaching will help you successfully navigate your path. Tamara specializes in helping professionals successfully achieve their career goals which include promotion, mobility, and pay increases.



Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching will help you develop the skills and cadence necessary to be a respected and effective leader. Leaders and top tier executives were not born with their leadership skills, they were developed over time in order to become more influential and harness the full potential of their teams.



Public Speaking

Tamara is a compelling speaker who offers thoughtful perspectives on a number of topics relevant in today’s corporate cultures. She is passionate about offering all that she has learned to help others advance their career objectives. Her sincere style and authenticity shine through in every presentation.



Business Consulting

Tamara’s Business Consulting works with you to identify the gaps within your business model, and create solutions to sustainably strengthen your business. Tamara’s Business Consulting specializes in Human Capital Management, Infrastructure Architecture, and Regulatory Consulting.



Interested in Advancing your career or business?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with Tamara, and discuss which coaching option is best for your objectives and goals.