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Welcome to my new career website! I am absolutely thrilled that you are here. This site is meant to be interactive and dynamic with YOU as the driver of its content.
Ask me a career question or explain your career challenge through the form, which I’ve provided in the Contact Tab of my website. I will then address the topic of your issue, in confidence, through blog posts.
For additional insights and diverse perspectives, I plan to invite established professionals from across industries, to write as guests.  
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As a writer I'm all about the story, so keep reading as I narrate my vision and explain the journey of how I got here.


...I published my book Lose the Gum. And just as one would expect of me, I marked the occasion with a fabulous party in SoHo. With all the swank of a posh New York event, I spared no expense to awe and entertain friends and colleagues from across the industry.


Every last detail was meticulously planned with purpose, including the design of my own signature cocktail and a cake topper of “Fearless Girl” made from fondant. Even by my high standards, I can unequivocally say that the night was perfect. And when it was over, I was covered in fairy dust, which was the residue of all the hopes and dreams that the book’s success was going to bring me.


Thirteen months have now gone by since book launch party. In the days leading up to the anniversary date, I found myself daydreaming as I strolled through the neighborhood. Nostalgia of that evening began to chart my stroll toward Pucker, the make-up boutique which served as the venue for my event. But when I arrived at the storefront, it was dark and paper wrapped, the windows like a half-opened present.


I peered through the door and was able to see that it was completely empty inside. I then began to wonder what ever became of Joseph – the flamboyant manager whose vision inspired the entire event by demanding that “I GO BIG or GO HOME!”  He was nowhere to be found. I felt like a piece of me was now gone forever.

All this swirl of emotion prompted me to assess what my book has achieved over the last year. Although the launch was strong and the book showed promise, with a few good interviews here and there, it never gained any meaningful traction. The first few months of 2018 seemed positively silent, publicity-wise. But in reality, the demands of my day job had dominated my focus with a grueling travel schedule that left me with fatigue. My only ambition at that point, was to lie on the couch and binge watching whatever. Looking back, it was a wonder that I had the discipline to write the book at all. Burnt out and defeated, I felt like the girl from Kansas who got off the bus in the Big Apple, only to discover that her dreams of stardom were never going to come true.
That was a blunt realization. I hit a wall and wallowed in a shallow pool of misery, where the self-loathing began. But as I started to emerge from my slump, I reminded myself why I wrote the book in the first place - and FAME was never the driving factor. My objective was always to help women achieve success by guiding them through the various challenges of their careers. My goal was to share lessons learned from my own mistakes, so that others could avoid some of the same pitfalls. It is the same reason that I started mentoring young professionals, both men and women, in the first place.
With that in mind, I have reprioritized my focus which has ignited inspiration that has grown into a tsunami of momentum. My phone has started to ring again and, although there is renewed interest in both me and my book, I am staying true to my original objective. I am launching this website as a place where all levels of professionals can safely seek career advice. This site will evolve over time, as I develop more tools and resources that will help you navigate your career.

So let’s get to work!


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Tamara Lashchyk