Cool Things

I am on vacation this week at my friend’s Lake House in the Adirondacks which is a Cool Thing in itself. Thanks Damian for being such a generous friend and graciously lending me your lake house for the week! This is the place that I came to work on my book two years ago. It is truly a writer’s paradise.


And although the week has been a total wash-out weather-wise, the purpose was really to seclude myself in order to work on all the things related to my book and my business - which I don’t get a chance to do given my demanding day job.

Last Weekend, I attended the Publicity and Publishing Workshop in Philadelphia, that was run by Steve Harrison Founder of Bradley Communications. His company is best known for launching best-selling books such as Chicken Soup for the Soul and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  He is an absolute genius in this arena.



Coming from Wall Street, I thought that I would be one of the savvier and more successful individuals at the workshop, but boy was I wrong about that. I was absolutely blown away by the caliber of participants and was truly humbled by how accomplished they all were. I spent the entire weekend networking and trying to learn as much as I could from all that these individuals had to offer. It was truly an inspiring experience.

A new mentor.  During the conference there was an older woman who kept looking at me inquisitively; for some reason I captured her attention. Throughout the workshop we had the opportunity to speak to the audience and pitch a story idea. Exploring issues raised by #MeToo Movement, I am trying to examine these issues from all angles. As one would imagine the topic received quite a lot of interest and fostered passionate discussion. More to come on this at a later date…


Between sessions, the woman whose name is Rita approached me and asked me a number of questions to try to get more of a sense of who I was. And even though I spent a great deal more time speaking to others participants, we seemed to have some type of kindred connection. It seemed that Rita saw some potential in me and offered to take me under her wing, as I embark on the world of publishing, in which I am a complete novice. She herself is well established in this realm with several books, a successful design business and a TED talk under her belt. I am thrilled that she agreed to be my mentor and I know that I can learn a lot from her.

And finally from a business perspective a really cool thing that happened this week is:

Bloom Energy (BE), a company in which I had made a private equity investment, several years ago, went public on Tuesday. I only found this out when a friend, who is also an investor, called and told me - the storm has knocked out the Dish and I have been out of touch with civilization. Read about Bloom IPO here.