Cool Things

As you may have noticed, I've been radio silent for the last several weeks as I tried to balance some much needed R&R with a boat-ton of work that I had to do for my passion project. All of this and all of you are my passion project, in case you were wondering - and it’s what keeps me inspired and motivated. But now that summer is over, it is time to get back into the rhythm. So here’s what I got going on….

  • Labor Day has come to pass and with it marks the anniversary of my mother’s death. This is of course a somber time for me, but I also treasure it and hold it dear, in her honor. The reason I mention this, in what is essentially a career blog, is because I always attribute her death as a driving force behind my success.

    I admit that the years following her passing were an extremely brutal way to start my adult life, but hovering at rock bottom really only provided me with one direction in which to proceed – UP! Somewhere in the depths of despair, I found strength and resolve and a will to strive. I always say that I am who I am today because of my mom's death, as it was the one single event that changed every aspect of my life. This one is mine, but I leave this with you as food for thought as you reflect on your own life.

    Back to business and making money:

  • Tonight I am attending an options trading class to brush up on some hedging strategies for my personal trading account. As you know the market has seen a straight shot up since the election, which is great but it also leaves us exposed, should it all fall to pieces. Putting on some hedges in order to protect against downside risk seems like a good idea to me, but I am no expert and want to learn more. As I prepare for this class, I have been looking at my own portfolio and am pondering the following:  buy NKE on the dip?

  • Interesting reading: For those of you who worked at Merrill, you may remember Harley Bassman aka the Convexity Maven. Harley is a brilliant guy and my former partner in Meet the Markets initiative. I recently caught up with Harley, who has spent the last decade working at PIMCO’s crappy office location in Newport Beach, CA. Attached is Harley’s latest publication – a must read if you follow the debt markets: