3 Insider Tips for Finding a New Job

Before I decided to pursue my own Career Coaching business, I met with several dozens of professionals to get a lay of the land and explore career opportunities. Although most people I’ve met with work in Financial Services, the rest represented a broad section of corporate jobs across various industries. 

The common denominator among the majority was they all seem to be looking for a new job. The reasons varied as to why.  Some were unemployed and searching for a job, while many were employed but trying to find something better. “Better” meant different things to different people but what surprised me was to hear how many were dissatisfied with their current positions and are looking for a change -myself included.

Although the economy is strong and job numbers are at an all-time low finding a job isn’t easy. Because there are a lot of highly qualified candidates looking for work, companies can be selective about the type of candidates they want. 

It is truly a buyer’s market.  So how do you stay competitive as a job candidate?

With a background in Human Resources and close ties to Recruitment, I have put together some insider tips that are useful, if finding a new job is your top priority. 

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Three Tips To Consider When Searching for a Job:

  1.  Tighten-up your resume and LinkedIn Profile to highlight your achievements. Make sure both of these are consistent, although you will want to tailor your resume based on each job for which you apply. Most large companies today are using software that matches the job post and keyword search terms against the resume, so you will need to adjust the wording of your resume to match the company’s criteria.

  2. Networking is crucial, still and always. It is said that 80% of jobs aren’t posted on any job boards or company websites. It is therefore critical to use your network to help you find a position. If you think that you don’t have a network, you are probably wrong. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who can introduce you. It’s just a matter of asking.   

  3. Differentiation is key. It is important to stand out and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Those who are positively more memorable on an interview have a better chance of being hired. 

Try not to get frustrated or discouraged. Finding the right job takes time and tenacity, so just keep at it. If you want a deeper analysis of your career path, consider booking a free consultation with me to discuss your career goals.