Be Bold!

Be Bold!

During the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, my mom got me a job at her insurance company in Livingston, NJ. It was the subrogation unit, independently run by a man whom we called Mr. Famular. The subro business was booming and Mr. Famular needed additional help, so I recommended my best friend who was home from college for the summer. We were trained by one of the other summer students who had worked there several summers before and had more knowledge and greater tenure. Mr. Famular gave us a fair amount of autonomy and so we were mostly left to our own devices. As such, the lack of an influential force allowed our personal personalities to shape our professional demeanors.

Success Begins in the Mind

Success Begins in the Mind

Since I wrote about impostor syndrome, I have received a number of emails with people sharing their own personal stories; it even became a topic of conversation at a party that went to last weekend. I therefore thought it might be worthwhile to unpack this further because impostor syndrome is only one of the many symptoms that result from a lack of self-confidence.

Rules vs. Culture

Rules vs. Culture

Throughout the years, financial institutions have had their share of issues regarding fraud. As such, fines have been imposed and sweeping regulations have been implemented. After the financial crisis, banks focused on developing tougher rules through enhanced policies and procedures. Tighter controls have also been put into place to mitigate risk against nefarious behaviors. But despite all of these efforts, misconduct continues to plague our industry.

The Intern

The Intern

Last week rising seniors came to Wall Street to begin their summer internships. The goal is, of course, to try to obtain an offer by the end of the summer in order secure a full-time gig post graduation. The field for front office jobs is highly competitive as the industry remains cautious and somewhat apprehensive about hiring. You want to rise above and stand out amongst your peers. Always try and be memorable for the right reasons.

Who Do You Think You Are? | Combatting Impostor Syndrome

Who Do You Think You Are?  | Combatting Impostor Syndrome

Some of the smartest and most successful people I’ve known have confided to me, that their greatest fear is, the world will discover they are a fraud. Initially, I was taken aback by this because these individuals were quite accomplished. But while writing my book, I researched issues of confidence and found this was a real psychological condition known as Impostor Syndrome.

Negotiation Critical: Why Negotiating is More Important than Ever in Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Negotiation Critical:  Why Negotiating is More Important than Ever in Closing the Gender Pay Gap

In October of last year, New York City joined a number of US jurisdictions (full list below) in passing a law that bans hiring employers from asking candidates for their salary history. Since most hiring companies determined a candidates salary base some percentage increase over their last salary, the pay gap would follow women throughout their careers.

Website Launch

Website Launch

Welcome to my new career website! I am absolutely thrilled that you are here. This site is meant to be interactive and dynamic with YOU as the driver of its content.
Ask me a career question or explain your career challenge through the form, which I’ve provided in the Contact Tab of my website. I will then address the topic of your issue, in confidence, through blog posts.

Balboa Press - It's a Hobby not a Job

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I truly believe this is the mindset that one needs to implore when turning a project into a business.  It is the difference between amateur and professional. I took this approach when I wrote "Lose the Gum" and it became the differentiating factor between what is now a published book and a bunch of unfinished pages. How many of us, while riffling through our stuff, find pages of a half written book or an idea that we never fully pursued?  We've all been there as a feeling of lament washes over.  But you will be amazed at what you can be accomplished when you shift your mentality and adopt the practice of "Turning Pro."

Read full article here.

Huffington Post - All The Ways Women Are Still Pressured To Put Family Before Career.

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"I could literally tell my family I’d cured cancer and the conversation would still end with, ‘But are you dating anyone?'"

This happens for a variety of reasons, but societal expectations about the roles of women and men at home are still very much to blame, says Tamara Lashchyk, a Wall Street executive, business coach and author of the book “Lose the Gum: A Survival Guide to Women on Wall Street.”

“No matter how successful she is, the burden of running a household still falls on the woman’s shoulders,” Lashchyk says. “Men get more of a pass when it comes to these duties, especially those that involve children.”

See the entire article here.


NBC Article - Gender Pay Gap May Be Narrowing, But New Data Suggests a Plateau.

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Tamara Lashchyk, a Wall Street executive and business coach, says that even now, after 25 years in the financial industry, she sees women struggle with asking for more.

"I see women generally less comfortable with negotiating than men," Lashchyk told NBC News. "They tend to negotiate as an extreme measure — when they have another offer or are ready to walk out; whereas for men it's more a normal course of business, something they do on an annual basis."

I was recently quoted for an article on how the gender pay gap is narrowing.  The link to the article is attached here.