A Part of My Heart

In partnership with Saint Basil Academy, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Daria Knysz Memoriam Fund; a scholarship fund established in my mother’s name which will help to provide financial support to students who are attending the Academy. My hope is that over time, this fund will be expanded more broadly in order to support the overall education of young women.

Last September marked the 30th anniversary of my mother’s death. That same week, I received an invitation to speak at a private all-girls school outside of Philadelphia. The school was Saint Basil Academy AND it happened to be where my mother attended high school. This connection was unknown to the school at the time and was seemingly random. I however believed that mother’s spirit was somehow involved. In October, I went to the school and I spoke to young ladies, in hopes to inspire and impart whatever wisdom I could offer. The event was well received and a few months later, the school reached out to gauge my interest in participating in future events. After several discussions with faculty, the idea of this scholarship fund began to germinate.

 I sincerely believe that it is the duty of one generation to help the next. It is that intention which sparked the idea of this fund. I was very pleased that Saint Basil Academy allowed me to honor my mother in this way. Disbursements of the scholarships will be of course based on need, but it will also be structured as an essay contest on the topic of “My Mother.” I will remain actively involved in this process to help determine the winners. The first scholarship will be awarded this September after which we will move onto a May time frame in alignment with Mother’s Day.

Although traumatic events are often devastating, they also shape who we become. Those of you who know me well are very much aware that my greatest heartbreak occurred as a result of my mother’s death when I was just eighteen years old. As crushing as it was to lose my mother, it also shaped my evolution. Much of what I have come to value in life and hold dear is correlated to that event.

I would truly appreciate a donation to this fund and would be grateful for your contribution. I have attached the link here.  My sincere thanks!




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