Cool Things

Life is moving at a fast and furious pace and if we don't stop for a moment in order to acknowledge the cool things that we experience then they vanish from our minds. In an effort to give these moments a longer life span, I thought that I would jot them down and share them with you. So here is a short list of what I’ve seen, heard, read or did this week that may either interesting, useful or just plain fun. 

1.  On Sunday, I participated in the BeanCast™. The BeanCast is a weekly marketing podcast featuring notables from marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations and fosters dialogue around the latest industry news and trends. 

This week’s show was titled Change is Hard and we discussed topics such as cheapening ad units caused by the freemium model, shrinking audience attention spans, monetizing the value of feel good ads and the challenge that companies face in operationalizing data. Other guests on panel hosted by Bob Knorpp, were Tristan Louis, Darren Martin and Peter Weingard. You can listen to the BeanCast here.

2.  On Monday I met with esteemed NYU Professor Baruch Lev. Professor Lev is the Philip Bardes Professor of Accounting at the Stern School of Business. He’s written several notable books including The End of Accounting which discusses the flaws in accounting practices as corporates inaccurately value intangibles which is resulting in a gross overstatement of earnings. Professor Lev discussed proposed solutions that could be brought about by machine learning as a method to eliminate bias of data interpretation and inflation of estimates.

Professor Lev and I talked about companies such as GE that inaccurately overstated their investment estimates by $4 billion dollars. This was of great interest to me not only as a former owner of GE stock, but as overall investor of corporate equities. For those of you who trade for your personal accounts, it would be worthwhile to check out Professor Lev’s blog: Lev End of Accounting.

3.  Hitchhiker’s Guide to Becoming a Better Trader. I saw this on Linkedin and thought it was interesting. Written by medical doctor turned fund manager Tiam Feridooni. Tiam is the founder of newly formed Point Pleasant Park Capital.

You may have to subscribe to the site in order to read the full article but it’s well worth it, as the articles have a unique perspective which have yielded some positive trading results for me; unlike the talking heads of CNBC who recommend that you double down on a stock only to lose twice as much money!


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