Failure is a Myth

As we strive for success and look for that silver bullet that will catapult us to career advancement we also look for one to inoculate us against failure. Most of us are terrified of failing but any truly successful person will tell you that failure is a necessary part of the success equation. I would even add that if you aren’t failing then you probably aren’t taking enough risk. This concept has been rather eye opening for me. When I first heard it, I recognized my own risk aversion and saw that I only really take chances after I’ve carefully calculated my odds of succeeding and then I only act when those odds are favorable or comfortable to me. As such I probably haven’t reached the full potential of my capabilities. Have you? 

How many of you are so afraid of failing that you don’t take chances?

Upon further study of failure as a critical ingredient to success, I have learned that failures bring forth new beginnings and failure acts as a catalyst for change. But human beings are creatures of habit and most of us don’t like change so there is little appeal to the concept of a new beginning. Instead we do the exact same thing that we do every day and often hope that it will yield a different result; which is also the definition of insanity.

I have learned that enormously successful people have failed many times before hitting it big. Failure is also an important part of their learning process. In order to grow we need to continue to learn and failure brings with it valuable teachable moments. The value of failure only exists if we allow ourselves to learn from the experience. If we let our failures hold us back by impacting our confidence, and becoming the mental barriers that prevent us from trying again, then their value is somewhat wasted. Learn to use the lessons to make you smarter and wiser. Don’t allow your failures to dictate your narrative. If it doesn’t serve you in a way that is beneficial then let it go!

Tamara Lashchyk3 Comments