The Practice of Discipline

You would think that one of the best things about being unemployed is that I get to sleep in. But the truth of the matter is that even though I don’t have to report to work, I still begin my day at 6:40 am.  If you have worked for an extended period of time, waking up early has become part of our programming but the consistency of getting out of bed at the same time is part of a disciplined practice that most successful people employ.

Discipline is instrumental to success of any nature “without discipline we can solve nothing.” It is one of the key factors between those who succeed and those who don’t. There is a certain rigor that is required to achieve success which also includes mental strength. Lazy people don’t succeed and neither do lazy-minded people. Discipline is a mindset. While I am currently unemployed, I find discipline is more important to me now than ever before because it is all too easy to waste time. Having discipline ensures that I have a productive day which is crucial to maintaining my own morale. It is easy to become depressed while unemployed and being a sloth would send me on a faster course towards depression. I am trying to avoid that.  

Discipline takes practice and requires that you put a routine in place. By doing so, your actions become automatic and you will no longer need willpower to force yourself to do things. In times of stress we don’t always think logically but we do whatever is second nature. If you practice good habits you will come to rely on them and they will carry you through in times of crisis.

Here are some tips that I have found useful to practice discipline:

1.     Set a schedule or routine and stick to it.

2.     Create (good) habits. 

3.     Build a no-matter what mindset – a good book for creating this mindset is “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield wherein he discusses the difference between a professional and a hobbyist. Great for aspiring entrepreneurs.

 4.     Create a list a list of non-negotiables – the things that you will do before you quit working for the day.

 5.     Learn to cut your losses – whether it is selling a trading position that is losing money or breaking up a relationship that isn’t working, getting out of each requires discipline.

6.     Create a goal list and a discipline list that will help you achieve your desired outcome:  My goal is to find a job. My discipline list is to network with 8-10 people each week.

 7.     Be Punctual - Disciplined people value their time and the time of others.

 8.     Stay Organized