Here's What's Next

This has been a summer of self-discovery as I try to figure out my next career move. Simply stated the dilemma with which I have been struggling is whether to go back to a career in Finance or to use this as an opportunity to re-invent myself and pursue something totally different. On a deeper level it is a struggle between what is fear-based thinking and having the guts to go for it, knowing that I could risk it all.  

For months, I gathered opinions and heard rational ideas presented by friends and family. Then I turned inward and listened intently to my own intuition. It was still a battle between my head and my heart as I tried to balance practical thinking with a desire to pursue a career path driven by passion and purpose. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself to walk away from the safety and comfort of what I’ve known for decades and try something new and exciting and something of my own. The closer I came to this conclusion the more energized I began to feel which is an important barometer that I was on the right track.

Getting to this decision wasn’t easy but what tipped the scale was the sober realization that there may not actually be the type of job I want in Finance at the price point that I was once had. And even if I chose to go back, the industry is downshifting which means that I am more likely than not to find myself in the exact same place where I am now, in just a few years’ time. At that point, I will be older with even less job prospects and then reinvention although not impossible, will become increasingly more difficult. The time is right, now.

I suppose that I have always known that it might come down to this, although I did naively believe that it would be on my terms. Regardless of how I got here, I am here now. As someone who has always been risk averse, I have taken measures to prepare for an event like this and created a Plan B, just in case. I never dreamed however that I would have to activate my Plan B today and thought it would be something to do as a pastime, later in life. But as we all know, life doesn’t always work according to our plans, does it?

When all was said and done, rational thinking had actually aligned perfectly with my heart’s desire and now it was time to figure out what that would look like. To crystalize the idea, I didn’t have to look very hard, as the ground work has already been laid. A few years ago, I started a side hustle in order to promote my book so with everything already in place, I have decided to build out my Career & Leadership Coaching and Public Speaking Business.

Everything I have done in my life has brought me to this very place. Even that career detour that landed me in HR some ten years ago provided me with the necessary skills to be able to do this. Writing the book, while at the time seemed like a standalone endeavor, fits nicely into the product suite of my offerings. AND as I try my hand at entrepreneurship, what better training could I have had than a twenty five year business career on Wall Street? I have all necessary ingredients to succeed, so now, if I could just get out of my own head, everything will be great.

I have good days and bad days; some with tremendous momentum and others when I feel terrified. I suppose fear is coming along with me on this journey which is ok, as long as I continue moving forward. I take every insurance to make sure I best set myself up for success which in my mind includes the same level of hustle that helped me to succeed on Wall Street. Those who know me know that I have only one speed. So, I’ve canceled all my summer vacations and have hunkered down in my apartment to get to work. As ideas began to morph, I created a visual map of my plan all over my apartment, which looks like Professor John Nash’s office from “A Beautiful Mind” complete with UFO sightings and all. It’s the first month of business, let’s see how it goes.  

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