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Tamara empowered me to go from a serial CTO to a first-time CEO which increased my company revenues by $80K in three months. I truly owe my new found success to her holistic style of mentoring, a combination of EQ and business acumen, and her amazing industry experience.
— Man H. - CEO of New York based engineering firm

Did you know?

In addition to my full-time job on Wall Street, I also take on up to 5 private consulting clients at a time.

Each client meets with me for 1 session, 3 sessions, 5 sessions for career coaching.  Leadership consulting is done in blocks of10-sessions. 

I contacted Tamara for career advice. She listened to my every word and then laid out a scenario I did not even know was possible. With her guidance, I was able to negotiate a 30% salary increase for my new position.
— Lisa H., Product Manager for Computer Data firm

I will formulate an action plan for you to accomplish your own goals.  I personalize every consult I do, based on who you are and what your individual style is. 

Tamara has helped me shape my confidence and character and equipped me with tools to pursue and acquire an extremely fulfilling career as a software engineer. I wouldn’t have found my passion in life without her invaluable guidance and wisdom.
— Sonia K., Software Engineer, Fortune 500 company

My goal is to help you get larger salary / bonus increases, experience monumental growth in your career, or a pivot to a job/industry that suits you better. 

Trust me that every single piece of advice that Tamara has given me is most precious to me.
— Ruth M., general physician, private practice, New York city

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to show you the possibilities.  Let me be that eye.

A clear focused go-getter who never settles for second place for herself or her clients. Her quest to make a meaningful impact challenge everyone around her to become better. I can honestly say that in speaking with Tamara, I am sharpening my brain.
— Dorina B.

With 25 years of relevant industry experience in financial services, I have spent close to a decade in Talent Management, helping all levels of professional navigate their careers with tremendous impact and results.  Help is here. Are you ready?


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