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Because your success depends upon your ability to grow


Learn to drive your career in the direction you want instead of being a passenger

Learn how to harness the full potential of your network

And most importantly, learn how to monetize your value and capitalize on opportunities



$80K in 3 months

"Tamara has gone way beyond the typical business advice of strategies and numbers. She has holistically mentored and coached me through major life and work challenges, empowering me from a serial CTO w/ multiple exits to a first-time CEO which increased my company revenues by $80K in three months. I truly owe my new found success to her immersive coaching."  Man H.

30% Salary Increase

"I recently contacted Tamara for some career advice because I was struggling with a decision I needed to make. She listened to my every word, reviewed my pros and cons with me and laid out a scenario I did not even realize. With her guidance, I was able to negotiate a 30% salary increase for my new position." Lisa S.Executive Assistant

New Career Direction

“I first met Tamara during my sophomore year of college: a distraught, timid millennial entirely unsure of my career path in life. Since then, she has helped me shape my confidence and character, as both a mentor and a friend. Tamara has equipped me with the necessary tools to face the professional world, and today I have an extremely fulfilling career as a software engineer. Her mentorship helped me find my passion in life, and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without Tamara’s invaluable guidance and wisdom.” Sonia K. 


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