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"Tamara has empowered me to go from a serial CTO to a first-time CEO which increased my company revenues by $80K in three months. I truly owe my new found success to her holistic style of mentoring which is a combination of EQ and business acumen, backed by years of industry experience."  Man H.

"I recently contacted Tamara for some career advice because I was struggling with a decision I needed to make. She listened to my every word, reviewed my pros and cons with me and laid out a scenario I did not even realize. With her guidance, I was able to negotiate a 30% salary increase for my new position." Lisa S.

Tamara has helped me shape my confidence and character and equipped me with tools to face the professional world. I first met her as a sophomore in college - a distraught, timid millennial entirely unsure of my career path in life. Today I have an extremely fulfilling career as a software engineer. I wouldn’t have found my passion in life without her invaluable guidance and wisdom.” Sonia K. 

"A clear focused go-getter who never settles for second place for herself or her clients.  Her quest to make a meaningful impact challenge everyone around her to become better. I can honestly say that in speaking with Tamara, I am sharpening my brain.”  Dorina B.