Behind "Lose the Gum”

At one point in my career, I accidentally ended up working in Human Resources where I managed the entry-level training programs. During these years, I met many brilliant and talented women whom I not only mentored through the Program but throughout their careers as well.

I would spend countless hours guiding these women, yet many of them would leave the industry frustrated by the lack of opportunity. Yes, Wall Street is a boy’s club that is difficult to penetrate, but I also saw women make mistakes that were holding themselves back. I wanted every woman to have every advantage to succeed so wrote Lose the Gum to raise awareness to the behaviors that were holding women back.

Within the hierarchy of corporate culture, the rules of protocol aren’t always clear and missteps can be damaging to your career. After more than two decades on Wall Street, I realize that all women face the same challenges as we try and steer through as system of protocols then never took us into consideration. Lose the Gum highlights some of the protocols that exist and offers guidance that will help navigate male-dominated industries and help advance our careers.


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